Episode 34 features Martha Stai-Winklepleck from Good Night Theatre Collective and fine art & jewelry designer Tara Barney of Red Door Creations

The excellent Sara Crosby and singer/songwriter Brady Wrede are episode 42 conversations about theatre and music respectively.

Episode 41 includes great conversations with John Gaskins of the Sioux Falls Canaries and The Miller Ryan from OLLI.

Episode 40 features musician/singer/songwriter Mat D and baseball officianato Tory Haggerty

Fun times abound on Episode 39 with The Flexible Bassist Reuben Rodriguez and visual artist Chuck Bennis

Episode 38 welcomes fellow podcasters Casey Kelderman and Brian Densing from Backlot 605 to talk about their show, film in general and the State Theatre

Episode 37nfeatures a fun conversation with the Keloland Living cohosts Ashley Thompson and Brittany Kaye

Episode 36 features the multi-talented duo Two White Square Matt & Amy Morrison. Plus listen to have a chance at winning some Books n Brewz pizza.

Episode 35 features all-around entertainer Zach Dresch and musician/singer/songwriter Elisabeth HUnstad

Bare Bdokins Theatre Company's Jayna Fitzsimmons and Books N Brewz Travis Graham are the conversations that highlight Episode 34

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