Conversations in episode 98 were recorded at R Wine Bar...including the R behind the bar, Riccardo Tarabelsi. He talks of how his establishment has become a great atmosphere for live music. Then we chat with local author Kale Lawrence about her new book The Magi Menagerie. Make sure to listen for the Weekend Eve toast and Honorable mention.

Episode 97 is full of fun! First we hear how headlights theatre came to be with Madison Elliot. Then it's a table full of comics, outside none the less. (WARNING--the comics conversation is explicit)


Another step closer to triple digits. Episode 96 gives us insight into what local author Rollan Wengert is working on and we were able to connect with artist Edward Eich for a non technical difficulties "take 2" converstion.

Getting closer to triple digits,. Episode 95 gives us insight in to the rebranding to the Premiere Playhouse with Executive Director/Artistic Director Robin Byrne. Then we hear from the Canaries Entertainment Director John Gaskins on what they have lined up for the final hoomestand of their season.

This week's conversations include abstract artist Edward Eich and music & arts minister Spencer Smith

Episode 93 features great conversations with Brittany Hanson and Nattie Jean

In episode 92 we find out what being a music therapist is like with musician Ellyn Donahoe. Then we speak broadly with Broad Cast Theatre's Sue Martens abou tehir production this weekend.

Episode 91 features visual artist Robyn Sieverding and actor/director John Beranek

Episode 90 features magician Travis Nye talking about his show in Harrisburg and Lisa Conlin & Raena Rasmussen of LiRa Dance talk about their show coming up next Thursday.

Episode 89 brings us fun at the old ballpark with Sioux Falls Canaries Entertainment Director John Gaskins as he talks about the remaining "shows" as he refers to them.

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